5 Awesome Ways to Conquer Negative Thoughts And Achieve Your Dreams Like A Boss

Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success

Charles F. Glassman

Stop complaining.

Stop whining.

Stop wallowing in self-pity….it profits nothing.

Do away with fear. And doubt. Fear is the biggest enemy of mankind. Fear produces a myriad of negative thoughts. Fear destroys. Fear will cripple you and torment you. Fear will eventually drive you to selfishness in an attempt to find peace.

Be strong and courageous. Avoid negative thinking. A negative person sees something wrong with everything. Listen, you’re good enough. You’re well able to do that ‘thing’ you’ve been procrastinating on. You have what it takes to bring that dream to reality.

Be positive. Expect some good things to happen. Be transformed by a renewed mindset. A growth mindset. Think only positive thoughts and achieve victory in whatever you do. Go for your dream and get it. You don’t have to be perfect to get started – perfection comes along the way. Get started now.

Here are the 5 ways to conquer negative thoughts and achieve your dreams like a boss:

1.Have a mind-blowing vision of what you desire

Dream big. Stretch your imagination as far as you can. Let that imagination, that vision be so big that it scares you. See it in your mind. That which you desire to achieve. Don’t hold back. Believe it. Belief is very important. Belief breathes life into your vision and brings it to reality.

But, disbelief is a negative force which will drain your energy leaving you weak and discouraged. Belief gives you the courage to dream big and confidence to take on whatever has to be done to realise your dream.

Believe you can and you will. If you can see it – you will own it and live it. The vision becomes a reality. You’ll live it in real life.

2.Write the vision down

As humans, our memories fail us at best of times. Write your vision down on paper or digital device of your choice. Writing your vision is powerful. Writing your dream down is a great way to keep it in sight and check your progress.

When negative thoughts hit you, get hold of your written goal and make positive declarations to counter the negative thoughts. Believe in your positive affirmations. Believe in your ability to bring your dream to reality. Hold fast to your beliefs – no matter what.

Use your written vision as a daily reminder of what you’re working towards. It becomes a written statement of intention to achieve the goal. Looking at your written goal everyday gives clarity of vision as well as motivation.

Writing your vision down also provides a permanent record which you can refer to years down the line and be pleased to see the amazing progress you will have made. It’s a satisfying feeling.

3.Master the territory you wish to conquer

What do you wish to achieve? What do you see? What are you focused on? What is that big vision you would like to see come to pass? That is the territory you have to possess. Own it. Make it yours….and you can.

Read, read, read. Set out to study the area you’re dreaming of getting into. If it’s sales, study sales. If it’s social media marketing, study social media marketing. Whatever area you wish to master there’s endless resources to help you on your quest.

Read related books and articles. Attend related seminars and do the courses to increase your knowledge and understanding of the area. This will boost your confidence.

By reading, attending seminars and doing courses, not only are you educating yourself (and this is pivotal to success) but you’re setting in motion a growth mindset. You’re becoming a better ‘you’.

Remember – if you input the right information into your ‘internal hard drive’ (your mind) it will eventually show in your life. It will show in the quality of decisions that you make and the improved quality of life that you’ll live.

Leaders read. Read if you want to be a leader. Study and keep abreast of developments, opportunities and challenges in the area of your choice.

Territories are owned by leaders only. Go out there and possess your territory.

4.Grow your faith and banish fear

Fight fear. Fight negative thoughts. Fear will stop you in your tracks. Fear will tell you ‘you can’t do it’. ‘It’s too big for you’. ‘You don’t have the knowledge required to do this’. ‘Who do you think you’re – it’s not for people like you’. And, more – trash.

Fear is an enemy of progress. Banish it now. Be courageous. Exercise faith. Have confidence in what you’re believing in. Keep going and don’t be put off until you get hold of your dream. Let your actions come from a place of belief in order to possess your reality.

A garden needs constant watering to thrive and produce life. Your vision or dream needs to be kept alive if it is to become a reality and see the light of day. Water your vision by listening to related audio teachings everyday to keep it alive.

Be encouraged. Stay motivated. Build your faith. Motivational messages will build confidence and increase your knowledge. Motivational audio teachings will keep your hope alive. Listening to daily audio motivation will give you the conviction that you can achieve your vision.

5.There’s power in the words you speak

Declare it. Speak it. Verbalise it.

That picture in your mind. That dream. Create reality by speaking out your vision. The words we speak become ‘things’. They manifest in real life. Speak only those things that you would like to see appear in your life. Speaking negative words will produce negative ‘things’.

Some times as you work towards achieving your dream, you will have negative thoughts and emotions. You overcome these negative thoughts and emotions by speaking out positive words like “I can do this and I will“!

We speak what we already have within us. This is why it’s important to keep feeding ourselves positive information. If you feed on negative information, your mouth will speak negative affirmations. If you feed on positive information, you’ll find yourself speaking positive affirmations.

The words you speak have power. They become real things. Even the bible says “the tongue has the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21)

Enjoy the journey to achieving your dreams. Remember – don’t be afraid. Have courage instead. Stand strong.

Our thoughts determine our actions. The thought comes first, then the action. Aim to develop a growth mindset, a strong mindset, a positive mindset then you’ll achieve success and have the victory you desire. It’s a process – not an overnight thing.

Live life to the full

How To Survive Your Hateful Co-Workers’ Shenanigans And Triumph Like A Boss

Do you see it? Can you hear it?

Do you feel it?

The angry roar. The crushing waves. The raging tempest. The menace. The fury. You’re seething. Enraged. Your malicious and spiteful co-workers have riled you. You’re inflamed with anger. A mighty flood looms.

How do you end-up in such toxic situations? With haters out to get you….

Maybe it was an argument or a disagreement. Maybe you’re being victimised after raising a formal grievance about something you thought was unfair. Whatever the reason, the main point is someone is not happy with you. Someone is furious and they are out to get you. And they will….if you let them.

The person you fall out with usually persuades others against you. They’ll ‘gang-up‘ against you. The hostility is ferocious and shocking.

You become a target of their aggression. The gossip. The false accusations. The stereotyping. All aimed at you.

Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?

Sean Covey

Anything you do is viewed negatively. A polite request for help or stating an opinion and you’re labelled as ‘rude‘ or ‘loud‘.

You’re undermined.

During team gatherings like meetings and training events, they huddle together at the same table. Then they converge at the coffee machine speaking in hushed tones. They look at you with disgust. They shun you. And avoid you.

All this maliciousness leaves you in a barrage of furious emotions. You feel terrorised and persecuted by this brazen behaviour. The hounding is unnerving. You can’t stand it. You just want to disappear from their presence. To run away. You’re wounded emotionally.

But….hang on a minute!

This is outrageous. It’s madness. This behaviour is unacceptable. This is bullying. It’s tyranny at its worst. You feel the build-up of strong emotion. Rage. Fury. You know if you do not move away now, the flood is going to give in. An angry flood of emotion. You’re going to vent it out.

Conquer the urge to retaliate

Keep your distance. Do not retaliate.

Remain professional in all your interactions. Do not post on social media. Don’t get angry. Anger makes you bitter. And, clouds your mind. Avoid argument or unnecessary talk.

Be solution centred not problem centred. Stay focused. The difficulty is there to test you. Remember to say to yourself ‘this too shall pass’. It’s only for a season.

Like a computer, our minds are our ‘internal hard drive‘ where we store all the information we consume along the journey of life. That’s why it’s important to be selective of the information we consume. Choose information that help you build a growth mindset. A strong mindset.

Avoid negativity. During these testing times, reach out to your ‘internal hard drive‘ and retrieve some courage. Retrieve some strength to see you through this distressing period. Bring to memory those words of encouragement and get the courage to keep you going during this dark phase.

Haters are designed to stop you from succeeding – do not lose hope. Do not let the enemy triumph over you. Be ready to deal with any trouble you’re facing. Victory is yours. Stand strong. You’re courageous. And, you will overcome this passing phase.

Prepare for promotion

Remember, empty shells make a lot of noise and talk too much about others. They’re everywhere. In the workplace, in families and even in church. Their hateful actions will only provoke the greatness in you.

Hateful co-workers make you anxious. They make you worry. They make you stressed. And, they make you cry.

They push you too hard. They make you seek ways to escape their malice. Little do they know that they’re pushing you to your awesomeness. To your promotion. To your greatness. Their actions are igniting the dynamite in you.

Accept the situation for what it is. Make a decision to get yourself out of this toxic environment. Do not make emotional decisions – it will not end well. Let your co-workers’ outrageous provocation push you to positive action. Push you to your personal greatness.

Search around for opportunities. Something big. Something massive. Open your eyes….and ears. Think outside the box. Do not limit yourself. You have greatness locked up on the inside of you. It’s time to unleash it.

Opportunities usually present themselves in the heat of such seasons of difficulty. Big doors will open. Before you know it, you’ll have a breakthrough.

Something big will land itself in your lap. It will be awesome. It will be a master breakthrough. Much bigger than what you currently have. You will be amazed at the sudden turn of events.

Things will start to look up and shape up. Your confidence and self-esteem will increase. Do not let fear steal your opportunity. You’ve made the right decision. Let nothing overrule your decision. Take that step of faith and do it!

Work hard on that new opportunity until you realise your freedom and success.

Difficulties make you stronger. They make you a better person.

Now, go back to your haters and thank them for bringing out the best in you. Their false accusations and shenanigans have pushed you to your personal greatness….much to their despair. Bunch of losers!

Live life to the full